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We, the staff of Visual JRock, act as a middleman for obtaining items from various sources in Japan for our customers. By using our Shopping Service, you are authorizing us to obtain items on your behalf.

All items purchased are at the customer's own risk. We claim no responsibility and make no guarantees as to the authenticity, quality or any other attribute of any item from any seller or any store.

In the extremely unlikely case that a seller backs out of a transaction after being paid, and they do not ship your item, we may not be able to recover any money paid on the item.

By using our Shopping Service, you agree that we are not responsible, and you will not hold us responsible for any loss or damage caused by negligence of sellers, store owners, any country's Postal Service or any other party associated in delivering your package to you.

Of course, we will work with all parties involved to remedy the situation to the best of our abilities.

All customers are required to read our Shopping Service documents and use of our Shopping Service is an acknowledgement that you have read, understand, and agree to all terms.

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